Why Buy

1. We Are Not Agents

  • We work for our Customers, Not for Factories.
  • We are the Importer of Record on All Transactions. (US Customers Only)
  • If you have a problem, you deal with us, a US Corporation, not a Chinese entity.

2. Offices in China and the U.S.

  • No Time Zone Problems, we work round the clock. Answers in hours, not days.
  • No Language Problems, you deal with our US office, factories deal with our China offices.
  • Our staff knows the Supplier Base intimately.
    - We attend every Trade Show.
    - We personally visit each qualified factory on a regular basis.
    - We have excellent contact with OE manufacturers (they are our regular customers).
  • Office locations in key auto manufacturing areas.
  • Quality Engineers constantly monitoring production and new product development.

3. We Handle All the Logistics

  • We normally quote Landed Your Warehouse.
  • All Land and Sea Freight, Duty, Brokerage Paid, and Documentation Done. (US Customers Only)
  • You Have NO Contingent Liability for Future Duty or Dumping Charges.

4. All Transaction are Based in US Dollars

  • You have NO Currency Risk.
  • The Chinese Yuan tracks closely with the US dollar, so no rapid swings in Price.
  • No Currency Conversion Costs, Letters of Credit or other Financial Costs.

5. We Have over 70 Years Automotive Aftermarket Experience

  • We Understand and Respect Channels of Distribution, We DO NOT Sell to Your Customers.
  • We Understand JIT Delivery, Order Planning, Forecasting, ASN, Bar Coding,Packaging Standards, etc.
  • We understand PPAP, QS, ISO and other common documentation and certification requirements in the US.
  • We have First Hand Experience in Importing, Distribution and Manufacturing, as well as Purchasing, Product Management and Administration, so we understand the Challenges of Your Job.

6. We Specialize in Product Development

  • We sell what You Need, Not What our Factories Have to Offer.
  • 90% of our Business is Customer Need Driven.
  • We Handle Every Aspect of Product Development.

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