Supplier Search and Qualification
Using our extensive database of member factories, we help you find all of the potential China factories that can supply the products you need and meet your quality requirements.

Negotiations and Quotation
We're on your side to help you get the lowest possible pricing.

Product Development
We do all the legwork, including application research, specifications development, prototype construction and sample submission.

Production Scheduling and Monitoring
We help schedule your product's production and monitor progress every step of the way.

Quality Control
Our China based staff of quality engineers insure your products are made right, and we can arrange third-party Quality Inspection at your request.

Packaging and Shipping
Our partners handle all your packaging and shipping needs, including arranging delivery directly to your door, ready to sell if you so desire. Your orders from multiple factories can be consolidated into full containers to reduce your shipping costs.

Insurance and Customs
All of the paperwork and intricacies of importation are handled for you, or you can designate your own transportation, insurance and customs agents.

Financing and Payment
We arrange all the financial details. You deal directly with us, in U.S. dollars. No LC's or advance payments, you buy on open account.

If you require, we can warehouse your product, delivering it "Just In Time" or we can take your full container shipments into our facility, break them down and reship to multiple customer sites.

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